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OpenP2M for Java 1.6

OpenP2M for Java 1.6 enables you to store and share files on your email account
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Glauber Magalhães Pires

OpenP2M is a software that helps you to store and share all your files simply and easily on your email account. This amazing technology is popularly known as PDM, that is ‘Peer to Mail’, which is very similar to P2P protocol. The only difference is that it uses the mail server as the mediator. OpenP2M is highlighted with a wide range of high-end technical features.

Its compatibility with Java version 1.6 is popularly known as ‘OpenP2M for Java 1.6’ and is packed with loads of useful features. It helps you to download from a number of emails or ftp accounts in a single program simultaneously – which is indeed of great use. Apart from this the OpenP2M for Java 1.6 is packed with facilities like forwarding emails, saving accounts to your favorite system, helping the user to use Proxy and many more. OpenP2M software helps you by saving an entire history of the files downloaded in order to prevent redownloading by mistake – which is again a very useful feature of OpenP2M. You can even cryptograph your passwords with OpenP2M. Moreover it gives you the option to turn off your computer once the download is complete and allows you to open the downloaded file in .mp3, .bat or .exe formats. You can simultaneously upload a n umber of files either directly or via SMTP servers with the help of this software. The OpenP2M software is in-built with a system that allows you to Split and Merge files with or even without passwords. Also it has an integrated login and password generator that generates login and password for users at random.

The OpenP2M software for opening with Java version 1.6 is available in a wide range of languages including Arabic, German, Chinese Traditional, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English, Polish, French, Portuguese and Turkish. The installation of OpenP2M for opening with java version 1.6 is an easier and simple process. For the installation of OpenP2M for Java 1.6, you need to have Java version 1.6 pre-installed in your system. Once you have ensured the presence of Java 1.6 in your system you can proceed with the installation process. For that, you go to the ‘Start’ option and then ‘Run’ or on ‘Console for Linux’ and type - javaws –viewer. This will open the Java Web Start Window. You need to right click on ‘OpenP2M’ followed by clicking on ‘Install Shortcuts’ option. An OpenP2M shortcut will be created on your desktop and everytime the user opens the OpenP2M, it will get updated. The servers supported by OpenP2M for Java 1.6 through POP3 includes Yahoo (, Gmail (, OI (, POP (, CLICK 21 (, UOL (, PortugalMail (, GAWAB (, CASHETTE (, GMX (, CENTRUM (, POCZTA (, PILU (, SAPO (, WP ( and ICMAIL ( The servers supported by this software through HTTP include, Yahoo (, Gmail (, BOL (, CENTRUM ( and WALLA (

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  • Allows simultaneous download from a number of emails or ftp accounts in a single program
  • Allows simultaneous uploading of a number of files either directly or via SMTP servers
  • Allows you to cryptograph your password


  • It is necessary to have Java 1.6 pre-installed in your system in order to install OpenP2M for Java 1.6
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